Acheson & Glover Long Stone Paving Transformation

Call in to check out our new A&G paving stand and comprehensive brochure. We offer a full range of concrete paving brick & flags to meet all budgets.Our sales team will expertly help you choose the right patio or driveway for you. Learn more here. 


📢 Exciting News 📢

Our New Tile & Bathroom Showroom is on it's way! Learn more here


Hyrdosil - New product for 2020 

Hydrosil is a new product that we hope to have in store early 2020.Hydrosil is a fluid applied professional grade silicone coating system used to coat all existing roofing substrates. Learn more here! 


Energy Saving Tips 

Pick up some great energy saving tips to make your home more energy efficient.Learn more here! 


BMG's DIY Guide: How to clean and care for paint brushes 

A good-quality paintbrush is an expensive precision tool that can last for many years if properly cared for. Learn different techniques for the preparation of a new paintbrush, and how to store it, both during use and at the end of the project.Let's walk through how to avoid paint brush issues, step by step. Learn more here! 


Gardening tips for planting spring bulbs 

Storing, planting, and caring for bulbs can be a bit tricky. We have answered some of the most common questions about planting bulbs so that you can ensure a colourful Spring. Learn more here!