We are always looking for ways to keep our bills and costs down but sometimes the easiest way to do this can be staring us right in the face. Below we have some top energy saving tips to help increase your energy efficiency while reducing your bills.


Switch Off Idle Appliances and Sockets

We are all guilty of leaving the telly on standby at night or not switching off the oven by the main switch but did you realise that by leaving your electrical and appliances on for long periods of time without switching off fully can cost you in the long run.

By simply switching of your TV properly instead of having it on standby, turning off wall sockets that are not in use, plugging out your phone chargers and switching off your kitchen appliances you can save up to 20% on your bills and charges.

A digital timer may be a good idea if you struggle to remember to turn off your electrical items. You can pick one up in store today to save on your electrical bills.


Gas & Oil Boiler Efficiency

The older your boiler gets the less efficient it becomes. Due to today’s wear and tear boilers that are over 15 years lose up to 20% efficiency and operate around the 70% rate instead of the standard 90%.

Replacing your boiler makes perfect sense. While it may seem like a lot of money upfront it will save you money in the long run. There is also a grant scheme in place where you can claim back a portion of the cost of upgrading your boiler system.

When replacing, it is always best to stick to the fuel type you have used previously. While natural gas is the cheaper option, some homes are not on the grid and so oil may be the only option.

If you think you could be in the market for a new boiler make sure to contact a licensed heating professional who will conduct an audit and will be able to install your new gas or oil boiler safely.

Check out our full range of boilers online and inquire about upgrading yours in store today. 


Time Your Immersion

It’s always been one of the worst things you can do in an Irish household, but not turning off your immersion can cost you big time. Most immersions today come with a timer so you can select when you have heat and hot water and when you don’t. This allows you to be logical and cost effective with your bills.

If you shower in the morning and wash your dishes in the evening time then you can schedule there to be hot water available at these times, rather than schedule it to come on periodically throughout the day when you may not even be home to use it. The same goes with your heating, schedule it for times when you know you will be at home.

This dual element immersion is energy efficient and will save you money on your bills. Pick one up in store today.  


We hope that by taking these energy saving tips on board they help reduce your costs and increase your home’s energy efficiency.