Paint falls into two categories: water-based and oil-based. Use water – water based if possible, as, apart from being kinder to the environment, they are easier to use and don’t smell as strong.

Brush Care:

Using water-based paints means that you can clean brushes with warm soapy water. Rub the bristles right up to the heel of the brush with your fingertips and rinse until the water runs clear. Hang brushes up by the hole in the handle so that the water runs away from the metal part and air can circulate easily around the bristles.

After using oil-based paint, clean brushes in white spirit. Squeeze the bristles with a rubber gloved hand, then rinse again in the white spirit.


Use synthetic sleeves for water-based paints, and lamb’s wool sleeves for oil-based ones. When painting rough surfaces, use rollers with a longer pile.


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