Teasel Seeds

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Enquire about this product

These beautiful perennials will flower year after year, and they're perfect for that popular 'cottage garden' look. Expect clusters of lavender flowers on long stems, perfect for pots and borders. If you're keen to attract pollinators to your outside space, these plants are great for welcoming bees. Thrives in most soils. Flowers August-October. Height 60-75cm (2-2½').

  • Gorgeous lavender flowers
  • Perfect for pots and borders
  • Attractive to bees and other pollinators

Companion planting can transform your garden. By encouraging in pollinators and predators with key plants, you can gain a tiny gardening team to do your pest control & pollination, all with the added benefit of supporting British native wildlife by providing habitats and food sources.

In return, their natural behaviours will increase your crop productivity and reduce insect pest numbers. Companion planting was widely used centuries ago in cottage gardens in Britain, but has since declined, as have the numbers of pollinators and predators.

Colour: Purple

Hardiness: -11 to -15 degrees

Height: 61-70cm

Containers: True

Beds & Borders: True

Prefers Full Sun: True

Hardy Perennial: True

Birds: True

Bees: True

Butterflies: True

Code: GDSF142025

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