Lettuce Seeds - Mix

Enquire about this product

Enquire about this product

Special mixture of the finest types. Sow a pinch at fortnightly intervals from March-mid July. Mildew and Mosaic virus resistant.

Growing Information

Crops 10–14 weeks from sowing. Sow thinly outdoors from late March until July (earlier crops can be obtained by sowing indoors from February onwards and planting out) at fortnightly intervals to ensure a regular supply. Sow in rows 30cm (12”) apart and 1.25cm (½”) deep and thin the plants to 23–30cm (9–12”) apart. For early cropping from overwintered lettuce sow seed outdoors late August-early September. For growing in a greenhouse during winter choose Valdor or Vailan. Row length per pack: 15m (50’) unless otherwise stated


Code: GDSF169410


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