Calendula Orange King Seeds

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Enquire about this product

A splendid variety of calendula with enormous orange flowers, perfectly double and beautifully formed. This is the strain which is now grown for cut-flowers. Height 45cm (18"). HA - Hardy annual. Heritage seed variety.

Often known as the 'Pot Marigold' - a reference to its use in cooking. The edible petals can be used fresh in salads or dried and used to colour cheeses. Often used as a substitute to Saffron for colouring. In Germany it's used in soups and in the middle east in a lot of traditional dishes.

Colour: Orange

Hardiness: -15 degrees

Seeds: True

Aftercare - Easy: True

Height: 41-50cm

Edible Flower: True

Spread: 21-30cm

Drought Resistant: True

Containers: True

Beds & Borders: True

Prefers Full Sun: True


Code: GDSF106773